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TWiki Release 4.2.4 (Freetown), 2008-12-06

Note: This is the release note for the previous major release version 4.2.X. This note, TWikiReleaseNotes04x00 and TWikiReleaseNotes04x01 are included with 4.3.X because they contain valuable information for people upgrading from earlier versions. Both for the admin and the users. See TWikiReleaseNotes04x03 for the 4.3.X release notes

On this page:


TWiki 4.2.0 was released 22 Jan 2008 and introduced some hot new features that make TWiki a better user experience for both beginners and experienced application developers. It also contained quite a number of bugfixes since 4.1.2.

TWiki 4.2.1 is a patch release which only contains bug fixes. More than 150 bugs have been fixed since the release of 4.2.0 in all areas of TWiki.

TWiki 4.2.2, 4.2.3, 4.2.4 are patch releases which only contains bug fixes.

It is highly recommended to upgrade TWiki 4.2.x to 4.2.4. Users will find the 4.2.4 much more stable in daily use.

Pre-installed Extensions

TWiki 4.2.4 is shipped with

Supported User Interface Languages

The user interface of this TWiki version is localized to 18 languages:

English (default), Bulgarian (bg), Chinese simplified (zh-cn), Chinese traditional (zh-tw), Czechoslovakian (cs), Danish (da), Dutch (nl), German (de), Finnish (fi), French (fr), Italian (it), Japanese (ja), Polish (pl), Portuguese (pt), Russian (ru), Slovakian (sv), Spanish (es), Ukrainian (uk).

Note: TWiki needs to be configured properly to display user interface languages other than the default English language. Details in TWiki:TWiki.InstallationWithI18N and TWiki:TWiki.InternationalizationSupplement.

New Features Highlights

Important Changes since 4.2.3

This is a fast trip bug fix for issues found during upgrades from 4.2.0 to 4.2.3.

Highlights of bug fixes since 4.2.1


See the full list of bug fixes at the bottom of this topic.

Important Changes since 4.2.0

Perl 5.8 is now minimum requirement with Wysiwyg

In TWiki 4.2.1 the support of international characters has been improved. Especially when using the Wysiwyg editor. This requires that perl internally works with unicode and that the Encode CPAN lib is installed. For this reason Perl 5.8.X is required for Wysiwyg support. TWiki will run with perl 5.6.1 if WysiwygPlugin is disabled.

TWiki now installs and works with Perl 5.10.0.

Newer distributions of Linux now ships with Perl 5.10.0. TWiki has been tested with Perl 5.10.0 and it should work fine. If the CGI library is version 3.37 you will need to update it to a newer version as the 3.37 contains some fatal bugs. Simply updating your perl using the standard update feature in your distribution may be enough to cure this problem.

The RCS files in subdirectories feature removed

The feature related to the config option TWiki::cfg{RCS}{useSubDir} has been removed. It never really worked and there are all sorts of issues related to it with respect to distribution of extensions and packaged applications, and it does not really add any performance advantages. So instead of trying to repair a bad feature that never really worked it was decided to remove it.

The removal was announced in a news letter and in a proposal topic, and discussed at several release meetings, and noone objected against its removal.

If you have run TWiki with this feature (maybe with a self implemented fix of the code) you will need to simply copy all the ,v files in all RCS directories to the directory above (where you find the .txt file or the attached filed) when you upgrade to 4.2.1.

The Japanese language file has been renamed

We decided to rename the locale/jp.po to locale/ja.po to match the rule that the file has the same name as the code for the locale.

For those using the Japanese language file you need to do the following if you upgrade TWiki

Highlights of bug fixes since 4.2.0

See the full list of bug fixes at the bottom of this topic.

Important Changes since 4.1.2

New WYSIWYG Editor

TWiki now ships with a new WYSIWYG editor based on TinyMCE replaces the Kupu based editor.
TinyMCE is not a perfect Wysiwyg editor but it is magnitudes better than the Kupu editor

The WysiwygPlugin that drives the engine behind both TinyMCE has additionally been heavily improved so that less TWiki Applications are negatively affected by editing WYSIWYG

When TinyMCEPlugin is enabled the Edit button per default becomes WYSIWYG editing mode. A new Raw Edit link has been added to enable application developers to edit the good old way

The WYSIWYG button is removed when using TinyMCE instead of Kupu.


The NEWTOPICLINKSYMBOL preference which was deprecated in 4.1 has now been removed from the code. If you want to control the appearance of new links, you can use the more flexible NEWLINKFORMAT.

UserForm and NewUserTemplate Customization

When a new user registers on TWiki his user topic is created based on the NewUserTemplate and UserForm.

The NewUserTemplate was located in the TWiki web and the UserForm in the Main web. When upgrading TWiki these were some of the topics you had to take care not to overwrite.

From 4.2.0 the UserForm and NewUserTemplate are distributed in the TWiki web. If you create the two in the Main web the Main web version will be used instead. So if you tailor the user topic format or the form then you should always copy the two files to the Main web and modify the ones in the Main web. When you later upgrade TWiki your tailored template and form will not be overwritten.

TWikiUsers no longer distributed

The Main.TWikiUsers topic contains all the registered users. It is a topic you do not want to overwrite when you upgrade TWiki.

From 4.2.0 this file is no longer included in the TWiki distribution. When you register the first time TWiki creates the Main.TWikiUsers topic in the Main web if it does not exist already. This means that you can now upgrade TWiki without risk of overwriting the important TWikiUsers topic.

New working directory

A new directory working which per default is located in the twiki root, has been introduced which contains:

Note: Remember to restrict access to this new directory when you upgrade.

New Internal Admin Login

TWiki 4.2 introduces a new Internal Admin Login feature which uses "admin" (configurable) as username and the password from configure to become temporary administrator. When you do a new installation you need to use this feature as Main.TWikiAdminGroup is now access restricted by default to avoid security attacks during the hours an installation may take. From configure there is a link to the TWikiAdminGroup topic and on TWikiAdminGroup the step by step instructions are written in a yellow box.

Rearchitected User Mapping system (a transperant change for end users)

The User Mapping system has been further rearchitected to reduce its dependance on the traditional TWiki User topic based management and mapping implementation. TWiki is now capable of dealing with login names that are not 7bit ascii (by transforming those logins into a 'cUID' that can be used by rcs). TWiki::Users now uses TWikiIterators opening the way for much larger user sets.

API Enhancements (Func)

Deprecation Notices

The %MAINWEB% and %TWIKIWEB% variables have been deprecated. For compatibility reasons they are unlikely to ever be removed completely, but you should use the %USERSWEB% and %SYSTEMWEB% variables instead.

In Func getOopsUrl and permissionsSet have been declared deprecated. There is no plan to remove them yet.

TWiki 4.2.0 Minor Release - Details

The 4.2.0 release was built from SVN revision 16277 (2008-01-22).


Item5252 External link mark RenderListPlugin produces warnings with list with no level 1 bullets
Item5246 External link mark When using SERVERTIME with $week in template TWIki fails on missing CPAN lib dependency
Item5245 External link mark adding missing docs for NEWLINKFORMAT - introduced in 2006
Item5226 External link mark TWikiUserMapping speed re-enhancements
Item5210 External link mark EDITTABLE with a simple text input in which the user has put %BR gets trunkated at the first BR
Item5123 External link mark missing fetchUsers method in
Item5121 External link mark Performance: Copy hash
Item5046 External link mark error link mailto
Item5040 External link mark Auto attach has hardcoded the string 'UnknownUser' for the attachment meta user attr
Item5038 External link mark TablePlugin prepends 'table' to id parameter
Item5031 External link mark "Here" link in merge_notice in templates/messages.tmpl
Item5029 External link mark prints incomplete and confusing error message
Item5019 External link mark if you get a lease conflict when using EditTablePlugin, the oops conflict output link is unusable
Item5009 External link mark TWISTY link parameter doesn't support (local) variables (set in topic and used with %) properly
Item5008 External link mark If you register someone you are magically logged in as them
Item5004 External link mark AutoAttach created META that will break topic rendering
Item4991 External link mark TwistyPlugin: add behaviour earlier to head than twisty js
Item4989 External link mark wrong expansion of deprecated URL tag
Item4986 External link mark select+multi+values broken in various respects
Item4973 External link mark default skin appears to have javascript in it
Item4972 External link mark session files should only be created for web based sessions.
Item4971 External link mark taint error when registering and verify is off
Item4944 External link mark EditTablePlugin data corruption under mod_perl
Item4941 External link mark ChangePassword form does not detect failure when .htpasswd is read-only
Item4939 External link mark Pass topicparent when creating a new topic
Item4928 External link mark lets use HTTP error codes in rest cgi, rather than rather less useful die's
Item4921 External link mark rest cgi is not testing the URL correctly
Item4918 External link mark checkpoint-save ignores EDIT_TEMPATE
Item4900 External link mark 0 is not recognized as valid input in a mandatory form field
Item4898 External link mark tmp and working dir security needs work (docco and code
Item4879 External link mark configure not honoring $TWiki::cfg{ScriptUrlPath}
Item4856 External link mark EditTablePlugin: make buttons customizable and translatable
Item4854 External link mark EditTablePlugin: undefined textarea size gives error in log
Item4848 External link mark EditTablePlugin textarea bug!
Item4846 External link mark Installation process SNAFU if you don't set a configure PW
Item4819 External link mark viewauth redirect loops to death when Main and TWiki webs both are view denied for TWikiGuest
Item4816 External link mark EditPreferences of Main.TWikiPreferences broken
Item4807 External link mark swap twikistyle and defaultstyle definitions
Item4797 External link mark Online installer not resolving dependencies
Item4794 External link mark Wrong link to FileAttachment
Item4793 External link mark Login screen has error messages the wrong order
Item4774 External link mark When using a field type select+multi in a form used in a template topic, the field doesn't remember the selection
Item4765 External link mark Reading static HTML's for upgrade/install is difficult without internet connection/behind firewall
Item4761 External link mark Remove inline scripts from pattern skin
Item4756 External link mark raw=all does not show all meta when VIEW_TEMPLATE is defined.
Item4753 External link mark /bin/twiki is experimental stuff that should not be in distribution
Item4752 External link mark Terrifying text appears below plugins list during new extensions install via configure
Item4736 External link mark add expires header for css js etc
Item4727 External link mark nested web creation is broken (it should prevent the user from creating them if its disabled...)
Item4724 External link mark afterEditHandler is never called on "Quiet Save"
Item4722 External link mark Unused EXPERT options are always shown
Item4718 External link mark Improve the installation doc for how to setup apache config for configure
Item4713 External link mark Repackage native search as a conrib, remove from 4.2
Item4702 External link mark Lighter top bar background image
Item4694 External link mark Standard user topics of TWikiUserMapping are referenced, but not defined
Item4692 External link mark Forking search algorithm throws error if topic is nonexistent
Item4680 External link mark Print view seems weird in both pattern skin and default skin
Item4677 External link mark Search results now have empty line (= html P) between search header and results list
Item4676 External link mark Update color scheme to match new neutral table borders
Item4675 External link mark Add completePageHandler for plugins
Item4671 External link mark default skin is a bit broken
Item4670 External link mark close browser advice non-sensical when not using apache login
Item4667 External link mark Adding CGI::Session with distribution and enable Template login by default.
Item4664 External link mark Web rename renames content as well
Item4661 External link mark renaming a topic destroys full qualified topic names
Item4659 External link mark Change the strategy of protecting again html attach spam to not harm Wysiwyg editor
Item4658 External link mark remove use of undefined variable un utf8 code
Item4605 External link mark User shown as Unknown User (Login ID) when author is not in TWikiUsers. Bad feature
Item4590 External link mark Rename "Checkpoint" to "Save and Continue"
Item4585 External link mark configure generates apache errors
Item4576 External link mark Improve how emailing is enabled and disabled in TWiki especially for registration
Item4569 External link mark WebSearchAdvanced does not show selected state for default radion button "both"
Item4539 External link mark Rename css class TWikiFooterNote to twikiFooterNote
Item4510 External link mark Remove inline scripts
Item4509 External link mark Prevent [ and ] in topic names when renaming topics
Item4508 External link mark ResetPassword, ChangePassword, ChangeEmailAddress, TWikiRegistration needs to be hacked after each upgrade
Item4505 External link mark User registration states incorrect user name
Item4493 External link mark Inline rdiff between rev 0 and rev 1 is empty
Item4487 External link mark As described in TWiki.TWikiScripts auth protect rest
Item4476 External link mark Missing error message when registration mail fails to be sent
Item4459 External link mark TemplateLogin messages not translated
Item4458 External link mark Topic newsletter notifications in MailerContrib fail
Item4453 External link mark A Set embedded in a list has problems
Item4449 External link mark No (simple) way to create a Set
Item4448 External link mark InterwikiPlugin: Change ISBN rule
Item4440 External link mark reading the FORMFIELDs of another topic imposes its access rights
Item4439 External link mark %INCLUDE breaks enumeration/tables when included topic has file attachments
Item4435 External link mark Paragraphs not correctly handled
Item4434 External link mark Patch for improper replacing of "0" with "" (empty string) in URLPARAM default value
Item4432 External link mark %VAR causes an internal server error
Item4426 External link mark HTMl embedded in lists breaks the translator
Item4425 External link mark Empty bullets get a br tag.
Item4403 External link mark Error saving topic message not shown as code because of trailing space
Item4402 External link mark Access check based on getWikiUserName (fails) vs. getWikiName (succeeds)
Item4399 External link mark Add a note about adding a doc license to footer when installing TWiki
Item4397 External link mark Authenticating through REST does not work in MAIN
Item4383 External link mark {Register}{NeedVerification} shoud not be an expert setting and disabled by default
Item4380 External link mark mailnotify fails due to TWIki::Merge failing
Item4378 External link mark default skin, and thus the classic skin, contains javascript
Item4372 External link mark Custom META fields that don't have the name key are ignored by TWiki::Store
Item4355 External link mark bulkregistration is unforgiving on TWikiTable format
Item4349 External link mark TablePlugin generates invalid html attribute maxcols
Item4347 External link mark Empty field values in searches are returned as strings containing "$value"
Item4335 External link mark TablePlugin: TWikiTables in TWikiLists generate invalid html
Item4333 External link mark OopsException allows anything from a URL to pass through to the generated HTML incl scripts
Item4332 External link mark No error message for duplicate_activation
Item4319 External link mark {SafeEnvPath} screws up windows
Item4308 External link mark getListOfWebs() and webExists() disagree
Item4300 External link mark TablePlugin overrides skin css AGAIN
Item4284 External link mark Support topic permissions checking
Item4280 External link mark Move hide-if-no-javascript functionality from TwistyPlugin to default templates
Item4271 External link mark Update TwistyPlugin with TWiki 4 javascript files
Item4269 External link mark Update TwistyContrib with TWiki 4 javascript files
Item4260 External link mark Add MAKETEXT to all default templates
Item4258 External link mark Get rid of default TH background color
Item4257 External link mark Default templates and documentation topics assume pattern CSS classes
Item4250 External link mark Pipe symbol (i.e. in SEARCH) breaks Form Definition Table
Item4249 External link mark RegistrationApprovals is not a web
Item4243 External link mark Malformed META embedded in text can crash TWiki
Item4239 External link mark syntax error at /usr/lib/cgi-bin/TEST/lib/TWiki/ Users/ line 67, near "}"
Item4236 External link mark Configure harmless errors confuse people when they have other unrelated errors.
Item4229 External link mark Remove deprecated filename attribute from attach template
Item4219 External link mark Add correct CSS class to select box
Item4207 External link mark Usability: Warn if more than one {WebMasterEmail} e-mail address
Item4204 External link mark Document how you become an admin user with new temporary admin login (sudo)
Item4193 External link mark Show and hide WYSIWYG buttons based on COMPOSER setting
Item4173 External link mark GROUPS variable kills server if there is a large group
Item4166 External link mark TwistyPlugin: wrong use of plugin handlers
Item4158 External link mark TWikiRegistration does not pass on multiple checkbox element values to UserForm.
Item4157 External link mark broken
Item4156 External link mark Fixing twiki cgi for logging in
Item4151 External link mark Javascript: twiki object overwritten
Item4150 External link mark Add global setting to allow non-WikiWords
Item4146 External link mark Documentation VarENCODE param typo
Item4143 External link mark Remove max length on attachment comment
Item4141 External link mark Topic templates are not documented
Item4138 External link mark Doc bug in TWikiUpgradeGuide.html
Item4128 External link mark Create default directive for non-view pages
Item4126 External link mark WebSearch: Fix checkbox state based on url param web=all
Item4088 External link mark Add css style to raw textarea
Item4081 External link mark Broken Links to Topics and Subwebs
Item4080 External link mark Downloading extension via configure sometimes end up in an "Invalid header block" message
Item4071 External link mark Add dmg to mime.types
Item4067 External link mark Hexadecimal character references do not work
Item4063 External link mark Document how to reset a password with ApacheLogin
Item4062 External link mark Reset password message doesn't make sense any more
Item4060 External link mark template login Error message activated when there was no error
Item4048 External link mark EditTablePlugin: Password shown in URL params after template login on direct sort urls (authenticated setups)
Item4045 External link mark PatternSkin: More space in topic name fields and file field
Item4043 External link mark attachments have bad user name display issues
Item4042 External link mark Broken formfield "name" and "title" attributes
Item4035 External link mark METASEARCH doc not complete. format option and probably more are missing in the doc
Item4034 External link mark Topic rename: error in javascript so select all does not work
Item4028 External link mark Authenticated twice; garbled CommentPlugin text
Item4023 External link mark configure link for 'Expert mode' missing t= parameter to prevent caching
Item4019 External link mark Remove preferences edit button from TWiki.TWikiPreferences
Item4006 External link mark More options: do not show "View previous topic revision" when there is no previous version
Item3991 External link mark Add spaceOutWikiWord to Func
Item3989 External link mark Problematic Values for FINALPREFERENCES in Distribution
Item3971 External link mark viewauth Redirect May Add Superfluous Slash
Item3969 External link mark Emails may be 8bit, not 7bit
Item3968 External link mark Base HREF is wrong when scripturls are changed
Item3957 External link mark Mandatory fields will not accept 0
Item3955 External link mark RCS command-line settings should be EXPERT
Item3949 External link mark Search 'Number of topics' does not show on first search on advanced regex searches
Item3947 External link mark Better documentation on how to install CPAN libs (including a reference in the install doc)
Item3940 External link mark PREFERENCE values not carried over to preview and then save
Item3929 External link mark Make TOPICLIST topic parameter equivalent to other vars
Item3921 External link mark renderWikiWordHandler called at wrong place in; change to support bracket notation
Item3917 External link mark Add .changes API to Func
Item3914 External link mark Some plugins cannot be downloaded using configure
Item3911 External link mark default preview tmpl has major bug in release value="%REDIRECTTO"
Item3909 External link mark Pattern skin template documentation update
Item3902 External link mark Reset Password is broken in MAIN branch
Item3900 External link mark New CARET preferences variable
Item3897 External link mark Fix sanitizeAttachmentName
Item3895 External link mark Structure the TWiki version number to make accessible from plugins (code included)
Item3892 External link mark Do not automatically lock user profile pages when this is not set in NewUserTemplate
Item3890 External link mark EDITTABLE expands variables in table cells
Item3889 External link mark $EXISTS() should default to topic in current web
Item3885 External link mark Plugin installation doesn't work through some proxies
Item3883 External link mark No rendering of TML after
used in table cells and multiline bullets
Item3879 External link mark Topic rename does not find URL references from topics in different web
Item3876 External link mark Better documentation of $FORMAT(PERCENT, ...)
Item3864 External link mark renderWikiWordHandler is not documented
Item3862 External link mark Parameter passed to preRenderingHandler incorrect
Item3853 External link mark WEBLIST docco spelling error (selection=)
Item3835 External link mark TWiki.TWikiSiteTools mentions, but does not point out the authentication problems with it
Item3834 External link mark USERINFO{format="$groups"} always returns webDotWikiName identifiers
Item3833 External link mark Cannot move attachment to topic with non-wikiword name
Item3832 External link mark bracket links are not updated during page renames
Item3829 External link mark NativeSearch: give gentle warning when no parameters are passed to
Item3822 External link mark Table rules for columns are invisible in Internet explorer
Item3821 External link mark Document INCLUDE behaviour in TWikiAccessControl
Item3813 External link mark Web reference gets inappropriately inserted into bracketed links inside verbatim tags.
Item3812 External link mark Space in username not rejected when resetting password
Item3806 External link mark add true and false to TWiki::isTrue
Item3805 External link mark footerrows setting is ignored when adding rows
Item3804 External link mark doesn't return the error from the underlying PasswordManager
Item3803 External link mark %!USERINFO{format="$groups"}% crashes
Item3796 External link mark Javascript: ensuring variables are local
Item3790 External link mark Web statistic severely broken
Item3787 External link mark TWiki.TWikiDocumentation jumps to top at double click
Item3784 External link mark Rename across webs bugs
Item3783 External link mark Pattern skin small template refactoring
Item3780 External link mark Add Sanitize Attachment Name to TWiki::Func
Item3779 External link mark Table with backslash breaks EditTablePlugin
Item3778 External link mark Lock WebPreferences to person creating web
Item3775 External link mark Commentplugin makes inappropriate line ending handling when targeting an anchor
Item3772 External link mark TWiki::Func::getOopsUrl() doesn't support def parameter
Item3771 External link mark Dutch translation files some special chars mangled
Item3769 External link mark Can't create configuration subsection for plugins and contribs
Item3765 External link mark configure docco for mail handler should say howto force twiki to use sendmail
Item3760 External link mark With rename topic, topic texts are changed as well
Item3759 External link mark MailerContrib not mailing groups
Item3758 External link mark Remark "There is no size limit for uploaded files." is not relevant to users
Item3756 External link mark TWikiRegistrationAgent produces wrongly formated entries
Item3755 External link mark Need to document parameterized include
Item3752 External link mark Doc fix to AdminSkillsAssumptions
Item3748 External link mark fails to move directories across filesystems
Item3743 External link mark Input bugs in SpreadSheetPlugin::Calc
Item3742 External link mark Short description containing TML does not get rendered properly in PLUGINDESCRIPTIONS
Item3738 External link mark Avoid "detailed instructions are beyond the scope of this document"
Item3735 External link mark WYSIWYG broken for bolded WikiWords
Item3727 External link mark Can't login; e-mail wiped out in .htpasswd entry
Item3725 External link mark BulkRegister not functioning properly if password Manger is set to NONE
Item3704 External link mark Incorrect number of topics indicated with multiple SEARCHes
Item3703 External link mark & nbsp; in the size field of a form will crash the forms code
Item3690 External link mark exec return an exit code of 1 for a perfectly valid grep
Item3689 External link mark CommentPlugin location only works if it is above the %COMMENT... tag
Item3688 External link mark Page loads unreasonable slow under IE with Twisty enabled (clone of 3582)
Item3686 External link mark Make redirectto parameter work for rename
Item3684 External link mark Over-complex CPAN installation instructions
Item3673 External link mark Bad expression error in 'more' screen if parent is missing
Item3668 External link mark Broken links in topic A if includes topic B in which InterWiki links are defined
Item3653 External link mark Document standard extensions in release notes
Item3652 External link mark I18N: Urls to file attachments that has umlauts only works in some browsers
Item3646 External link mark Make edit form somewhat less spacious
Item3641 External link mark Access key char invisible on hover
Item3639 External link mark Extension installer in configure floods error_log when checking for installed plugins.
Item3630 External link mark Topic URL parameter overwrites revision to which REVINFO variable refers
Item3623 External link mark Can't delete attachment with pluses in file name
Item3621 External link mark Improve visibility of attachment twisty
Item3604 External link mark URL rendering cuts off first part of URL
Item3594 External link mark Can't save template topic with mandatory form fields
Item3592 External link mark Cleaning up Main.TWikiPreferences
Item3583 External link mark 'configure' password gets saved as 'smtp' password (in plain text!)
Item3581 External link mark Unwanted question mark link in bracket link text
Item3580 External link mark redirectto implemented redundantly in several places
Item3579 External link mark Usability: [Save] of preferences screen should support access key
Item3578 External link mark Deprecate permissionsSet from Func
Item3575 External link mark Usability: Use pub url instead of viewfile url in attachment table
Item3570 External link mark Usability: Time consuming to create new topic
Item3567 External link mark TablePlugin: css attributes priority of site/web preferences too agressive
Item3486 External link mark Possible to create topics with unsupported characters
Item3463 External link mark Document how to use .spec files for plugin setting in TWiki.TWikiPlugins
Item3456 External link mark Doc is unclear that Space In Path Causes Error
Item3438 External link mark UnprocessedBulkRegistrationLog is improperly formatted
Item3375 External link mark Refactor object names for clarity
Item3368 External link mark No existance check for topic used in include
Item3367 External link mark EditTablePlugin ignores valid table syntax
Item3362 External link mark Update doc topics that have forms
Item3341 External link mark invalid Date: header in mailnotify
Item3289 External link mark attach a filename with paraens and wikiwords
Item3246 External link mark Fix save_error template
Item3229 External link mark WysiwygPlugin alters things inside complex twiki vars so they break
Item3158 External link mark Don't include anything when trying to include a non existing section
Item3105 External link mark Usability: Misleading "Invalid Activation Code" error message
Item3051 External link mark Wasted vertical space below edit box
Item3038 External link mark NEWTOPICFGCOLOR and NEWTOPICBGCOLOR never used
Item3009 External link mark Need clear definition of the impact of spaces on EditTable definition
Item2975 External link mark EditTablePlugin format fails for last item
Item2960 External link mark I18N: Using UTF8 in headers breaks header anchors
Item2915 External link mark Allow date format in form fields
Item2892 External link mark TWiki dies with SEARCH on topic that has form field named *Foobar*
Item2772 External link mark Mailto link should use %20 instead of for spaces
Item2690 External link mark EditTablePlugin: remove sort links from headers when editing the table
Item2632 External link mark Username vs WikiName is confusing in Configure
Item2615 External link mark Fully document exposed APIs
Item2520 External link mark WebExist uses WebPreferences as opposed to WebHome to determine the validity of a web
Item2354 External link mark FuncUsersContrib and MoreFuncContrib and FuncusersContrib should be merged into Func
Item2326 External link mark Remove the secret NEWTOPICLINKSYMBOL (was missing docs for NEWTOPIC* )
Item2244 External link mark Documented METASEARCH parameter defaults are not the actual defaults
Item2221 External link mark .changes is hardcoded to 500 entries, affecting WebStatistics and MailerContrib
Item2108 External link mark Better installation doc for TWikiAdminGroup
Item2032 External link mark Some UTF8 characters in form values broken ( interaction)
Item2005 External link mark Cannot change configure password without making other changes
Item1993 External link mark IE eats newlines
Item1985 External link mark Not possible to use CDATA in SEARCH output (prev: RSS feeds chokes on HTML entities in SEARCH results)
Item1965 External link mark ResetPassword usability
Item1870 External link mark Improvements to installation docs
Item1860 External link mark NewUserTemplate should be in Main
Item1852 External link mark Lease files are not deleted or renamed when you delete/rename topics with cancelled edit
Item1828 External link mark Rendering bug of headings when using MBCS as a heading string
Item1562 External link mark RcsFile::searchInWebContent doesn't check exit status of the grep command
Item1379 External link mark Table sorting confused when using variables.


Item652 External link mark configure plugins should be sorted case-insensitively
Item4995 External link mark EditTablePlugin: Omit Edit button in print view
Item4810 External link mark SpreadSheetPlugin: New FORMATTIMEDIFF() function
Item4809 External link mark ConditionalBasedOnGroupMembership
Item4709 External link mark Update small T-logo badge in bottom bar
Item4599 External link mark Add timestamps to history revisions (rdiff)
Item4568 External link mark Offer RSS feed on search results
Item4548 External link mark Improve TOC display in TWiki documentation
Item4547 External link mark Improve TWiki variables documentation
Item4504 External link mark pop-ups need to pass extra url parameters
Item4500 External link mark need a way to set preferences from TWiki::Func
Item4473 External link mark check that we have a testable can_edit state
Item4461 External link mark 'Changed' link should point to most recent changes, not the entire history
Item4451 External link mark Add Bugs rule
Item4351 External link mark Add a way to pass authentication information to an extra plugins repository
Item4294 External link mark TablePlugin: put all css styling in head
Item4279 External link mark TwistyContrib: support TwistyPlugin 1.4
Item4278 External link mark TwistyPlugin 1.4: remove ugly javascript init calls
Item4275 External link mark Add Adobe Air to mimetypes
Item4259 External link mark Simplify default templates more, and use CSS
Item4241 External link mark CSS class twikiUnvisited
Item4185 External link mark SlideShowPlugin: Add VarSLIDESHOWSTART and VarSLIDESHOWEND variable documentation
Item4184 External link mark RenderListPlugin: Add VarRENDERLIST variable documentation
Item4183 External link mark TablePlugin: Add VarTABLE variable documentation
Item4182 External link mark EditTablePlugin: Add VarEDITTABLE variable documentation
Item4181 External link mark CommentPlugin: Add VarCOMMENT variable documentation
Item4180 External link mark SpreadSheetPlugin: Add VarCALC variable documentation
Item4174 External link mark Add templatetopic url parameter to WebTopicCreator
Item4153 External link mark Add control over TOC rendering
Item4142 External link mark Template unification
Item4140 External link mark Support standard escapes in IF statements
Item4139 External link mark Configurable date format to enable 2007-05-25 format.
Item4120 External link mark Main.TWikiUsers no longer in distribution but gets created from template if non existing
Item4087 External link mark PatternSkin: visual update to form elements
Item4075 External link mark Enhance MailerContrib To Allow Exclusion Of Webs
Item4069 External link mark Normalise viewfile so it is able to use path syntax as well as the ?filename= syntax.
Item4046 External link mark PatternSkin: Add RSS feed icon to WebLeftBar
Item4044 External link mark Add RSS feed icon to TWikiDocGraphics
Item4041 External link mark Extend SEARCH to allow SQL-type queries over form fields
Item3988 External link mark Japanese translation
Item3854 External link mark show subwebs="" in WEBLIST relative to a web
Item3841 External link mark Add expandStandardEscapes to TWiki::Func
Item3801 External link mark Propose adding $admin attribute to USERINFO rather than appending "isAdmin()" to $group output
Item3798 External link mark twikiNotification: CSS style for notifcations
Item3774 External link mark Add getSessionKeys to Func
Item3773 External link mark Handlers don't have access to the full topic
Item3766 External link mark Enhance EditTablePlugin with DHTML; fix eating of newlines; graceful fallback calendar button; fix css styling
Item3757 External link mark TWiki inserts html into text areas which have text in them
Item3607 External link mark SEARCH summary should remove leading exclamation point
Item3606 External link mark SpreadSheetPlugin doc work for 4.2
Item3552 External link mark Support interface to getting URLs in Func
Item3530 External link mark Make scope="all" the default search in WebSearch
Item3487 External link mark Need a way to tell if mod_perl is in use
Item3321 External link mark Table column headers always centered
Item3313 External link mark Make redirectto parameter work for upload
Item3265 External link mark Existing attachments: change header from "Other attachments of" to "Attachments of"
Item3250 External link mark Allow infinite expiry of cookies
Item3234 External link mark PatternSkin minor CSS changes for 4.2
Item2123 External link mark Add new type=word search to search on word boundaries
Item1966 External link mark Poor/nonexistent revert-to-previous-version design
Item1772 External link mark Add a ?template=viewplain template for plain view
Item1748 External link mark Attach help contains note for Internet Explorer 4 that can be removed now
Item1582 External link mark configure needs a backlink to the TWiki/WebHome

TWiki 4.2.1 Patch Release - Details

The 4.2.1 release was built from SVN revision 17311 (2008-08-03).


Item5876 External link mark Make query search ref more clear in VarSEARCH.
Item5873 External link mark REVINFO shows unknown user instead of the author value when it cannot map.
Item5868 External link mark ApacheHtpasswdUser compile error
Item5866 External link mark shortcircuit TWiki::_processTags shortpath for 10-30% TWiki render speed improvement
Item5854 External link mark Forking search result collation regex can cause many spurious log entries
Item5850 External link mark ResetPassword/ChangePassword combo "Oops: we could not recognize you"
Item5849 External link mark regex SEARCH on Native Windows crashes when there are [^] chars or mismatched "s in the regex.
Item5844 External link mark Automatic statistics denied by default server configuration
Item5834 External link mark Edit in ClassicSkin with action=form still displays the text field for the topic
Item5833 External link mark Double header in Classic skin when editing with action=text
Item5832 External link mark EDITACTION only works on Edit but not Edit Raw
Item5831 External link mark EDITACTION parameter does get replaced properly in the changeform templates if combined with setting EDITACTION
Item5826 External link mark improved the security of the password generated for resetPassword
Item5823 External link mark Adding MD5 Password Feature
Item5819 External link mark Document that 4.2.1 with Wysiwyg will no longer work with Perl 5.6
Item5810 External link mark %IF in a set statement fails
Item5808 External link mark TWiki.InstalledPlugins lists Contribs and AddOns but no Skins
Item5798 External link mark urlHost field initialized too late in TWiki::new
Item5796 External link mark SubscribePlugin and perl 5.8.4 exposes a taint issue in the latest MailerContrib
Item5794 External link mark potential dataloss bug in EditTablePlugin 4.8.2
Item5790 External link mark LOCAL_SEARCH does expand nop'ed TML
Item5789 External link mark don't rely on the author info being present in attachment meta data
Item5787 External link mark square bracket url links don't escape their contents well enough
Item5786 External link mark improve TemplateOopsAttentionNotFound message
Item5776 External link mark MailerContrib cannot run multiple instances at the same time (document this fact)
Item5772 External link mark base and current revisions reversed in diff URL of MailerContrib notify message
Item5744 External link mark When renaming webs you get a File does not exist .. twiki_renamedelete.js
Item5743 External link mark Easy to goof up web renaming because the default new webname includes subweb.
Item5741 External link mark REVTITLE isn't rendered except on rdiff
Item5739 External link mark twiki_httpd_conf.txt is inconsistent in the paths it has as default.
Item5727 External link mark configure and perl 5.10 dies with Use of uninitialized value $filename in substitution (s///) at (eval 41) line 23
Item5726 External link mark Changing a form when the old form has mandatory fields which are empty causes bogus error
Item5725 External link mark Editing in Classic skin gives missing Save and Cancel buttons
Item5724 External link mark When you Edit Raw and then add form you end up in Wysiwyg edit mode
Item5721 External link mark TinyMCE not honouring Template Topic in special cases.
Item5716 External link mark universal edit button work
Item5711 External link mark Registration of Zyc ends in the end of TWiki users instead of the last entry in list of users
Item5703 External link mark Putting setting with empty value in 'Topic Preference' interface does not work.
Item5701 External link mark tempatetopic not implemented as per the docco in TWikiScripts
Item5690 External link mark Chinese is fail on newest TinyMCEPlugin / WysiwygPlugin
Item5688 External link mark Documentation of eachChangeSince uses $iterator and $it
Item5687 External link mark TWikiScripts docco for formtemplate is missing details.
Item5677 External link mark META tag does not show form field data in 4.2
Item5674 External link mark IF and Query have problems if some part of an evaluated statement is undef
Item5668 External link mark twiki form Hidden Labels aren't being hidden in view mode.
Item5667 External link mark Named jp.po to ja.po to match locale. Fixed the translation of the word Japanese
Item5656 External link mark CGI::charset called in BEGIN{} breaks mod_perl preloading of
Item5655 External link mark Query and IF info.version value is not compatible with the common external representation of topic revision
Item5649 External link mark INCLUDE{"WebHome" section=""} returns nothing.
Item5648 External link mark LINKTOOLTIPINFO format cannot be changed
Item5643 External link mark REVINFO with topic= set to a non-existant topic returns stupid values.
Item5638 External link mark readdir/closedir attempted on invalid dirhandle on perl-5.10
Item5636 External link mark Main Web preferences lists nonexistant topic in WEBFORM
Item5633 External link mark Documentation mistakes in TWikiFuncDotPm/saveTopic
Item5632 External link mark moveAttachment creates duplicates when topic/web are the same as the source
Item5631 External link mark WebStatistics topic was linking to the massive TWikiDocumentation topic
Item5630 External link mark spooling erra's in the WebNotify topics
Item5629 External link mark registration email does not explicitly tell the user what their login is.
Item5627 External link mark Image and Attachment references are trashed when using short URLs
Item5626 External link mark Encoding problem with iso-8859 and umlauts
Item5622 External link mark Jumping text with blockindent on IE
Item5620 External link mark Core: edit window no longer has focus on load
Item5615 External link mark ActionTracker with CommentPlugin order Dependencies
Item5612 External link mark Selecting "All Public Webs" option not sticking in UI
Item5609 External link mark Bug in lib/TWiki/Prefs/ (CGI::H3 should be CGI::h3)
Item5602 External link mark Web Rename not following ALLOWWEBRENAME Preference
Item5601 External link mark registerHandler should be called once per registration
Item5597 External link mark default skin search template is broken for webchanges
Item5593 External link mark raw=on broken on topics with a view_template
Item5588 External link mark INCLUDE of attached HTML files fails in subwebs
Item5562 External link mark Query type Search does not report with large number of topics
Item5559 External link mark TWikiJavascript does not enable partial js usage.
Item5556 External link mark it appears that BuildContrib defaults all unspecified permissions to 664?
Item5554 External link mark Missuse of sort and loops
Item5547 External link mark "action" parameter for "edit" script fail in 4.2
Item5542 External link mark After you enable {UserInterfaceInternationalisation} first view shows an error
Item5540 External link mark TWikiUserMapping: single character erroneously reported as a group
Item5536 External link mark robots.txt is missing some obvious scripts - like login
Item5535 External link mark IF{"$BANNER" does not really work.
Item5534 External link mark missing contexts for several bin scripts
Item5533 External link mark tmpl login script does not do writeCompletePage, so it does not get addToHEAD bits.
Item5529 External link mark SEARCHes of type word do not work if word is non-English and with TWiki running utf-8
Item5526 External link mark WebSearch link "Get notified on changes on this search" breaks when search string contains quote
Item5518 External link mark "URLPARAM{" in Comment Box when type="bulletabove"
Item5517 External link mark Wrong call $session->{i18n}
Item5516 External link mark LanguageSelector javascript breaks on topic names with underscores
Item5514 External link mark suppressTWikiSaveValidation and validateTWikiMandatoryFields Javascript errors in IE and Firefox
Item5509 External link mark IF & query String matching may be incorrectly greedy.
Item5501 External link mark IF allows does not work correctly if the topic does not exist.
Item5499 External link mark TWiki::UI::Resister::changePassword sends login, not cUID to TWiki::Users::setPassword
Item5495 External link mark add twikiBroadcastMessage class div to default & classic skins
Item5491 External link mark FileAttachment documentation fix - {AutoAttachPubDir} should read {AutoAttachPubFiles}
Item5490 External link mark %REVTITLE2% not substituted in
Item5478 External link mark Personal left bar is potentially buggy in layout
Item5467 External link mark Pickaxe saves absolute URL instead of ATTACHURL
Item5466 External link mark default and classic search.tmpl's have one table per topic result
Item5462 External link mark Hide Attachment option does not work
Item5461 External link mark default skin does not show the form attached to the topic.
Item5458 External link mark Rename web drop all link refer to the web
Item5457 External link mark TinyMCE breaks Cyrillic Encoding (cp1251 or KOI8-R)
Item5451 External link mark MailInContrib reveals error in, that has been carried over to LdapContrib
Item5450 External link mark MailInContrib docs refer to bin/mailincron but actually its in tools
Item5449 External link mark TWiki::Sandbox::sysCommand leaves an extra process if command fails
Item5447 External link mark If manage requires login, impossible to change password
Item5443 External link mark Searches order="editby" are sorted by login ID (cUID) instead of WikiName making result look random
Item5432 External link mark Image links inserted with Manage Attachment only work with lower case file extension
Item5431 External link mark redirects to TWikiUsers topic on error, even though that topic may not exist
Item5430 External link mark reset password message has some errors
Item5428 External link mark Topic save error with form does not remove nop
Item5426 External link mark RSS feeds failing due to newlines at top of page.
Item5418 External link mark readme.txt refers to missing 'install instructions' TWikiDocumentation.html
Item5412 External link mark "You are trying to templatetopic a topic that does not exist" makes no sense
Item5410 External link mark WebSearchAdvanced does not regex search when you select that it should
Item5405 External link mark TWikiHierarchicalNavigation seach broken
Item5399 External link mark DISPLAYTIME documentation improved
Item5393 External link mark Adding bullet right after a heading adds annoying html paragraph tags
Item5387 External link mark Issue with multi-span rows and the EditRowPlugin / TablePlugin
Item5382 External link mark sets wrong urlHost if https protocol and ShorterUrlCookbook is used
Item5348 External link mark Comment regarding FINALPREFERENCES should also mention subwebs.
Item5345 External link mark Logging in as admin still redirects to main home
Item5344 External link mark PatternSkin small bug fixes and enhancements after 4.2
Item5343 External link mark Can't set parent to none anymore
Item5339 External link mark Attachment uploaded by name not shown as TWiki link in 4.2 for attachments uploaded by TWiki 4.1.2
Item5324 External link mark Oops allows the template url parameter to pass through without filtering.
Item5316 External link mark PHP flag in pub-htaccess.txt is not working with PHP running as CGI
Item5314 External link mark TinyMCE breaks Chinese, Japanese, Korean Unicode Encoding upon entering "Edit Twiki Markup" from WYSIWYG
Item5311 External link mark deep recursion in getEmails()
Item5307 External link mark Plugins with beforeAttachmentSaveHandler break file attachments with TWiki 4.2.0
Item5294 External link mark Wysywig & TinyMCE corrupt some topics.
Item5293 External link mark DATE in to follow configured displaytime
Item5288 External link mark META tag doesn't call expandStandardEscapes() and crashes (trunk only does not affect 4.2.1)
Item5287 External link mark Linking is totally broken - in 4.2 WikiWord links do not work - in 4.1.2 buttons are disabled
Item5284 External link mark You cannot paste into Wysiwyg in IE unless you are in Intranet security zone (documentation issue)
Item5283 External link mark EditTablePlugin dollar percent expansion does not work well together with SpreadSheetPlugin
Item5276 External link mark Link to Release Notes 4.1 in distribution documentation of 4.2.0
Item5258 External link mark Preview does not set ORIGINALREV and other values in edit.tmpl, so continuing from there has problems
Item5257 External link mark TinyMCE pads bullets incl. "set" variables with trailing spaces breaking some plugins and TWiki apps.
Item5232 External link mark Locales problem in and Subscibe.pmI
Item5206 External link mark Image not shown , when inserting image with Image button and not using any path
Item5182 External link mark "save" does not treat bad templatetopic as an error
Item5176 External link mark %SCRIPTSUFFIX is added twice in TOC links
Item5124 External link mark Registration confirmation should contain name, not WikiName
Item5118 External link mark Difference from 4.1.2 - 4.2: Apache loginname no longer works with access control lists
Item5116 External link mark WYSIWYG Line Returns Removed In Opera
Item5053 External link mark Dropdown in TinyMCE help text is confusing
Item4946 External link mark urlDecode() not working for characters represented by Unicode code points
Item4922 External link mark add the other meta field infos to the output of FORMFIELD{format=""}
Item4863 External link mark Removal of RcsDirs feature (was RcsWrap does not support RcsDirs)
Item4824 External link mark Security bug: TWiki's user management code needs rework again
Item4780 External link mark Twisty addToHEAD does not work in login template
Item4741 External link mark %META{"formfield" ....} does not expand
Item4289 External link mark Document effect if INCLUDE on access control settings
Item4288 External link mark Document what happens if access control set more than once
Item3824 External link mark Possible to hijack TOPIC or WEB variable making editing a topic with one of these defined impossible
Item3715 External link mark Simplify I18N configuration
Item3502 External link mark preview of a slideshow is corrupted
Item3048 External link mark Documented that CGI version 2.89 causes character entities to not be escaped in Raw View
Item1861 External link mark Document EDITACTION



TWiki 4.2.2 Patch Release - Details

The 4.2.2 release was built from SVN revision 17396 (2008-08-11).





TWiki 4.2.3 Patch Release - Details

The 4.2.3 release was built from SVN revision r17502 (2008-09-12).





TWiki 4.2.4 Patch Release - Details

The 4.2.4 release was built from SVN revision 17773 (2008-12-06).





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