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This is a super user group that has access to all content, regardless of access control. This group has also access to the configure script to do system level configuration.

TIP Both settings accept a comma-space delimited list of users and groups in WikiWord format. Groups can be nested.

How to login as TWikiAdminUser

ALERT! NOTE: If you lock yourself out of TWikiAdminGroup during setup activities or have forgotten the configure password, you can unset the configure password by editing the lib/LocalSite.cfg file and deleting the line that starts with $TWiki::cfg{Password} and then set it again by saving your settings in configure.

How to add the first administrator:
If you haven't previously set up an administrator, follow these steps:
  1. Authenticate as the internal TWiki administrator:
  2. Edit this topic
  3. Insert the wikinames of admin users in the TWiki Administrator Group by listing them in the GROUP setting
    (example * Set GROUP = JohnSmith, JamesBond)
  4. Save this topic
  5. Logout from the Internal TWikiAdminUser
  6. Verify that new members show up properly in the group listing at TWikiGroups
  7. Make sure always to keep this topic write protected by keeping the already defined ALLOWTOPICCHANGE setting
  8. The ALLOWTOPICHANGE and ALLOWTOPICRENAME settings in TWiki.TWikiPreferences and Public.TWikiPreferences have already been set to this group (TWikiAdminGroup), restricting edit of site-wide preferences to the TWiki Administrator Group

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