Daya-Bay Auxiliary Resources Repository

This is the dybaux Trac instance providing a web interface to the SVN repository :

See dybsvn:wiki:WikiStart for login instructions.

What is dybaux intended to store ?

Recommendations on what should be stored in dybaux can be gleaned from doc:3437 doc:3846 doc:3673 and include :

  • Geometry survey data
  • In-transit data
  • Material properties from manufacturer and from QA procedures.
  • Optical properties from manufacturer and from QA procedures
  • Radioactivity measurements
  • Bench-test data

Other similar measurements can also be stored in dybaux .

Commit Messages

  • always include meaningful commit messages

The message should feature :

  • distinctive words that will allow easy searching
  • references to related information, eg docdb references doc:3437

Guidelines for where to keep other things

project source code / scripts dybsvn:/
personal source code / scripts dybsvn:/people
talk pdf (or if you must .ppt) docdb
binary image/video files

Derived files

Note that derived files do not belong in repositories, instead keep the source code that you used to create the derived files in the repository.

Binary files in SVN repositories

Subversion repositories are most useful for : source code , although binary files can be stored in them, most of the benefits that subversion provides are irrelevant for binary files. This is because source code repository operation is based on the differences between files, for binary files the difference is not meaningful.

  • subversion is simply the wrong tool for managing binary files.

THINK before you commit

Once a file is committed to a subversion repository, it cannot be removed (without lengthy and painful efforts involving dumping the entire history of the repository into a file , and then replaying the entire history of the repository commit-by-commit to create a new one with the rogue commits excluded). Deleting a file only removes it for subsequent revisions, the file remains available.

Things not to commit :

  • large binary files
  • files containing usernames/passwords

Where to put binary/video files ?