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User Form

Note: This is a maintenance topic, used by the TWiki administrator.

This form defines the form of the user profile pages of registered TWiki users listed in TWikiUsers and UserList. Do not edit this topic - if you want to customize the user form, then:

  1. Take a copy of this topic and save it to Public.UserForm in the Public web
  2. Customize Public.UserForm
  3. Take a copy of NewUserTemplate and save it to Public.NewUserTemplate
  4. In Public.NewUserTemplate, go to "More topic actions", select "Edit topic preference settings", and add a VIEW_TEMPLATE setting like this:
  5. In Public.NewUserTemplate, go to "More topic actions" again, select "Add or replace form on this topic", and select your new user form

NameSorted ascending Type Size Values Tooltip message Attributes
Country text 60   Country  
Department text 60   Department or group within organization  
Email text 60   E-mail address  
First Name text 60   First name of person  
Image text 60   Name of image attached to the user profile page (for best result resize to 200 pixel width) H
Last Name text 60   First name of person  
Location text 60   Office location  
Mobile text 60   Mobile number  
Organization text 60   Company, agency or educational institution  
Region text 60   State, province or region  
Skype ID text 60   Skype ID  
Status Update text 60   Short status update (out of office etc.)  
Telephone text 60   Telephone number  
Titles text 60   Titles or profession  
URL text 60   Website link of organization  

ALERT! Note: Please keep the TWikiRegistration form and this form definition in sync. When you update this form you need to edit/save the NewUserTemplate topic. This ensures that the fields are in the right order.

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