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Package TWiki::Time

Time handling functions.

On this page:

StaticMethod parseTime ($szDate,$defaultLocal) -> $iSecs

Convert string date/time string to seconds since epoch (1970-01-01T00:00:00Z).

Handles the following formats:

Default TWiki format

TWiki format without time (defaults to 00:00)

Date seperated by '/', '.' or '-', time with '.' or ':' Date and time separated by ' ', '.' and/or '-'

ISO format

ISO dates may have a timezone specifier, either Z or a signed difference in hh:mm format. For example: The default timezone is Z, unless $defaultLocal is true in which case the local timezone will be assumed.

If the date format was not recognised, will return 0.

StaticMethod formatTime ($epochSeconds,$formatString,$outputTimeZone) -> $value

$formatString supports:
$seconds secs
$minutes mins
$hours hours
$day date
$wday weekday name
$dow day number (0 = Sunday)
$week week number
$month month name
$mo month number
$year 4-digit year
$ye 2-digit year
$http ful HTTP header format date/time
$email full email format date/time
$rcs full RCS format date/time
$epoch seconds since 1st January 1970

StaticMethod formatDelta ($s) -> $string

Format a time in seconds as a string. For example, "1 day, 3 hours, 2 minutes, 6 seconds"

StaticMethod parseInterval ($szInterval) -> [$iSecs,$iSecs]

Convert string representing a time interval to a pair of integers representing the amount of seconds since epoch for the start and end extremes of the time interval.

in yacc syntax, grammar and actions:

interval ::= date                 { $$.start = fillStart($1); $$.end = fillEnd($1); }
         | date '/' date          { $$.start = fillStart($1); $$.end = fillEnd($3); }
         | 'P' duration '/' date  { $$.start = fillEnd($4)-$2; $$.end = fillEnd($4); }
         | date '/' 'P' duration  { $$.start = fillStart($1); $$.end = fillStart($1)+$4; }
an interval may be followed by a timezone specification string (this is not supported yet).

duration has the form (regular expression):


nameOfDuration may be one of:

date follows ISO8601 and must include hypens. (any amount of trailing elements may be omitted and will be filled in differently on the differents ends of the interval as to include the longest possible interval):

timezone is optional. Default is local time.

If the format is not recognised, will return empty interval [0,0].

TODO: timezone testing, especially on non valid strings

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