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Package TWiki::Request

Class to encapsulate request data.


On this page:

ClassMethod new ([$initializer])

Constructs a TWiki::Request object.

ObjectMethod action () -> $action

Gets/Sets action requested (view, edit, save, ...)

ObjectMethod method ([$method]) -> $method

DEPRECATED. Sets/Gets request method (GET, HEAD, POST). Same as request_method() method.

ObjectMethod request_method ([$method]) -> $method

Sets/Gets request method (GET, HEAD, POST).

ObjectMethod pathInfo ([$path]) -> $path

Sets/Gets request path info.

Called without parameters returns current pathInfo.

There is a path_info() alias for compatibility with CGI.

ObjectMethod protocol () -> $protocol

Returns 'https' if secure connection. 'http' otherwise.

ObjectMethod uri ([$uri]) -> $uri

Gets/Sets request uri.

ObjectMethod queryString () -> $query_string

Returns query_string part of request uri, if any.

query_string() alias provided for compatibility with CGI.

ObjectMethod url ([-full=>1,

-base => 1, -absolute => 1, -relative => 1, -path => 1, -query => 1] ) -> $url

Returns many url info.

Reasonably compatible with CGI corresponding method. Doesn't support -rewrite. See Item5914.

ObjectMethod secure ([$secure]) -> $secure

Gets/Sets connection's secure flag.

ObjectMethod remoteAddress ([$ip]) -> $ip

Gets/Sets client IP address.

remote_addr() alias for compatibility with CGI.

ObjectMethod remoteUser ([$userName]) -> $userName

Gets/Sets remote user's name.

remote_user() alias for compatibility with CGI.

ObjectMethod serverPort ([$userName]) -> $userName

Gets/Sets server user's name.

server_port() alias for compatibility with CGI.

ObjectMethod queryParam ([-name=>$name,-value=>$value|

-name => $name, -values => [ $v1, $v2, ... ] | $name, $v1, $v2, ... | name, [ $v1, $v2, ... ] ] ) -> @paramNames | @values | $firstValue

This methos is used by engines, during its prepare phase. Should not be used anywhere else. Since bodyParam must exist and it has different semantics from param method, this one exists for symmetry, and could be modified in the future, so it could be possible to get query and body parameters independently.

ObjectMethod bodyParam ([-name=>$name,-value=>$value|

-name => $name, -values => [ $v1, $v2, ... ] | $name, $v1, $v2, ... | name, [ $v1, $v2, ... ] ] ) -> @paramNames | @values | $firstValue

Adds parameters passed within request body. It keeps previous values, but places new ones first. Should be called only by engines. Otherwise use param() method.

ObjectMethod param ([-name=>$name,-value=>$value|

-name => $name, -values => [ $v1, $v2, ... ] | $name, $v1, $v2, ... | name, [ $v1, $v2, ... ] ] ) -> @paramNames | @values | $firstValue

Resonably compatible with CGI.

ObjectMethod cookie ($name[,$value,$path,$secure,$expires]) -> $value

ObjectMethod cookies( \%cookies ) -> $hashref

Gets/Sets cookies hashref. Keys are cookie names and values CGI::Cookie objects.

ObjectMethod delete (@paramNames)

Deletes parameters from request.

Delete() alias provided for compatibility with CGI

ObjectMethod deleteAll ()

Deletes all parameter name and value(s).

delete_all() alias provided for compatibility with CGI.

ObjectMethod header ([-name=>$name,-value=>$value|

-name => $name, -values => [ $v1, $v2, ... ] | $name, $v1, $v2, ... | name, [ $v1, $v2, ... ] ] ) -> @paramNames | @values | $firstValue

Gets/Sets a header field:

Not compatible with CGI, since CGI correspondent is a response write method. CGI scripts obtain headers from %ENV or http method. %ENV is not available and must be replaced by calls to this and other methods of this class. http is provided for compatibility, but is deprecated. Use this one instead.

Calls to CGI header method must be replaced by calls to TWiki::Response header method.

ObjectMethod save ($fh)

Saves object state to filehandle. Object may be loaded latter passing $fh to new constructor or by calling load().

ObjectMethod load ($fh)

Loads object state from filehandle, probably created with a previous save().

ObjectMethod upload ($name) -> $handle

Called with file name parameter returns an open filehandle to uploaded file.

ObjectMethod uploadInfo ($fname) -> $headers

Returns a hashref to information about uploaded files as sent by browser.

ObjectMethod tmpFileName ($fname) -> $tmpFileName

Returns the name of temporarly created file to store uploaded $fname.

$fname may be obtained by calling param() with form field name.

ObjectMethod uploads ([\%uploads]) -> $hashref

Gets/Sets request uploads field. Keys are uploaded file names, as sent by browser, and values are TWiki::Request::Upload objects.

ObjectMethod http ([$header]) -> $valueDEPRECATED

Called without parameters returns a list of all available header filed names.

Given a field name returns value associated.

http('HTTP_USER_AGENT'); http('User-Agent') and http('User_Agent') are equivalent.

Please, use header() instead. Present only for compatibility with CGI.

ObjectMethod https ([$name]) -> $value||$secureDEPRECATED

Similar to http() method above. Called with no parameters returns secure flag.

Please, use header() and secure() instead. Present only for compatibility with CGI.

ObjectMethod userAgent () -> $userAgent;

Convenience method to get User-Agent string.

user_agent() alias provided for compatibility with CGI.

ObjectMethod referer ()

Convenience method to get Referer uri.

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