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– Newbie Marketer Series – Lesson 5 –

In our last lesson, we explored the need to have a good autoresponder account to manage your new subscriber list. And today, we begin discussing the specifics of what a subscriber list is and why it holds so much value.

What is a marketing list?

In short, a marketing list is the term we use for the accumulated names and addresses that people share with a marketer. In many cases, the list members are merely prospective customers who are interested in the niche targeted by that marketer. However, some subscribers may also have purchased products from the list owner and been added that way.

Nearly everyone who markets goods or services online readily agrees that their most important asset is the list of people who are willing to hear about future offers. Some will quibble that it can be better defined that the true value lies in having a great relationship with these folks, but building this list is the anchor of your online success.

How is an email subscriber list built?

Potential customers whip around the Internet these days with mind-boggling velocity. You may find them scanning the photos on your Pinterest page, commenting on a friend’s Facebook thread or, more traditionally, by placing an attractive ad in their path.

The question then becomes where do you cast your net to add the most names at the lowest cost. Notice I did not mention zero cost. That’s because I really don’t believe in it.

But even if I’m wrong, the time it would take to use free methods to flesh out a profitable list would make the whole process a bit like watching paint dry. By comparison, I was making daily income online within weeks of beginning and I see no reason why your goals can’t be even more aggressive.

But if you are about to watch your home foreclosed upon, or affording groceries is near-impossible, you may be vulnerable to reach for promises that seem like easy riches. This happens all the time and the inevitable failure sends you crashing through your final safeguards.

Let me drive home the point. I meet smart folks every day, but the most foolish among them are those who convince themselves that they’ve figured out what no one else can. Don’t be that idiot. You do not have to stand out to profit with internet marketing.

Tomorrow’s lesson will explore two hot and worthwhile list building techniques, but they each have associated costs. Hope that doesn’t disappoint you. but the Easter Bunny just doesn’t market online.

How does a subscriber list have value?

A list has monetary value when you can see a clear path to having the subscribers pull out their wallets and take advantage of an offer that you share with them.

You might offer your own creation, or even something made by someone else, but they key is to provide a value so compelling that wallets are actually opened. Early in the game, you may find that it takes an incredible amount of goods and/or services to be tossed onto the pile to entice a buyer to pull the trigger.

Don’t become frustrated by this. Your success is actually well more assured by establishing a reputation as someone who delivers a value package worth far more than you’ve charged for it. It creates hungry, repeat buyers who TRUST you.

How does one monetize a subscriber list?

Here’s where it gets exciting. I wrote above about the obvious scenario where you want to put a compelling proposition in front of your list. But what if someone who never built a customer roster has a gorgeous, high-value offer and approaches you?

Well, you then offer to create a sales pitch that gets sent to your members to see if they might be interested buyers. Perhaps you charge a flat fee for the service, or maybe you work with some incentive structure. You might be paid to have X number of your subscribers see, read or purchase the deal.

The opportunities are endless, honestly – limited only by your creativity and ability to pitch an exciting offer to your members. Naturally, it’s good to understand what constitutes real value in your niche before you write this sales copy.

It’s also advantageous to study how buyers respond to different marketing strategies. Later in the series, we can agree on appropriate reading materials to get you to the next level.

Without a doubt though, your highest level of success will be determined by your commitment to do things professionally. This means hard work and an eagerness to learn.

But the rewards are unparalleled. And we’ll discuss this more in Part 6.

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