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Video intercom is another form of CCTV installation where it is monitored through your actual intercom gate station, which is placed at an entrance or a gate of a complex or business. However CCTV is an item regarding which we don’t possess any beforehand knowledge. Also a common user of CCTV is "in-house" television channels that broadcast to very small and specific receivers such as in hospitals, airports, racetracks, schools, malls, grocery stores, and municipal buildings.

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Features may include night vision (or infra-red), computer assisted operation and motion detection facilities, which allows the operator to instruct the system to go on red alert when anything moves in view of the cameras. Because IP cameras store the images they capture on a server, security camera installers say that users can e-mail video images to anyone in the organization for further consultation. CCTV systems can be used in the transportation sector to control traffic flow, raise revenue, and improve highway safety. CCTV cameras in road surveillance smooth out traffic congestion, which could otherwise lead to costly and deadly accidents. Buoyed by increasing use of CCTV security systems in the transportation sector, the transportation market spending on video surveillance worldwide is expected to grow at double-digit growth rate by 2013. .

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Improving the safety of public transportation systems. The cameras are able to operate in complete darkness and the infra red is de-activated when there is enough light in the environment. By asking questions such as what are the capabilities of surveillance cameras, and what type of camera would be best for a given situation, you will be informed as to the specifications and capabilities of the products.

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The latest development in CCTV systems aims at providing efficient, light-weight, and high-resolution cameras that are able to capture and store the data and provide quality images even in no light. Choosing a more sensitive camera will improve the reproduction of the image in poorly lit areas. For further information on CCTV suppliers and installations, contact SAS Security Services on 021 556 3050.

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