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It was on 23rd March 2007, the only day which I regret badly and will soon be regretting for my life, a Dilhara Fernando delivery had the gates of Tendulkar, and a cuss word appeared out of my mouth for the first and last time for Tendulkar. In case you require to get more on the best, we know about many databases you might pursue. (God! Did I hate Fernando after that!) There was a lot of raw emotion involved. There is my band of friends together and everybody else wanted the wonderful trio of Sachin, Dravid and Ganguly from the team for their bad
performances. I'd joined them at the same time. It was then I understood that I liked this game of cricket over any single-player. I wanted all of us to gain, with or without Sachin. In the end, it's THE world glass!
Moving just four years back on 23rd March, 2003 (pray that India do not play their quarter-final on 23rd March this year!), I kept asking that question to myself and to everybody around me - why the hell did Tendulkar play that premeditated shot to Mcgrath, when he could have seen him off and then taken on the weaker bowling of Symonds and co? I never got that response. Get further on our partner paper by browsing to needs. If Tendulkar had stayed on because match or if Ganguly had been aggressive batting first, probably cricket would have had another meaning in my own life. I used to be 16 years of age then. It left a scar on many a hoping hearts from my generation, though it healed faster once we had many other new points to look forward to in the past. Nevertheless the disappointment of getting so close yet so far in the World cup prize remains till date!
I feel, this world cup is not just about erasing these sad memories, however it is more about completing the process began by V.V.S.Laxman and Rahul Dravid (the stalwarts of Indian cricket and idols to my generation) on another day in the month of March itself i.e. on the 14th of March, 2001, when they confirmed the cricket universe that India had indeed arrived. That was, by a long way, the greatest day in Indian cricket, when every bowling approach used by Steve Waugh had arrived at nothing and the mixture kept unbeaten making 376 in one day. Even the 2007 World T20 title crowning day can't match the significance of that series-turning day, which I feel may be the primary reasons why we're today hopeful about winning a world cup. From that day, Indian cricket ceased to become a one-man army and Sachin got the required support of pressure-relievers! If there is one moment which can actually surpass the happiness of this time, it can only be on 2nd April. 2011.
The Killer Instinct
It is also about staying true to the I-don't-give-a-damn attitude produced by Ganguly from the start of that 2001 series, when he kept Waugh looking forward to the drop or when he flung his shirt off after that Natwest victory in 2002. Those emotions were felt by us making our adrenaline rush like never-before. Did not we? Yet I feel, it's this killer-instinct which India lacks today. The photo of a rudely cheerful Ricky Ponting kissing his wife with all the world cup in hand in the Occasions of India on 24th March, 2003 is still as fresh as if it happened yesterday. Few groups have won a big event minus the brashness or the perspective. Remember Maradona in 1986, Rafael Nadal over the last few years, Australia over last three cricket world cups or for instance as recently since the Dutch group this season, if they nearly took the FIFA world cup from Spain playing dirty football.
And what we did was, we performed tamely against Netherlands and Ireland and failed to send the message. Also, we needed Sreesanth dropped for his attitude dilemmas. I want Dhoni gave more activities to Sreesanth, providing him confidence and making him work his mouth down. He's a greater bowler when he's moved. I do not care, if even Sachin shows the temperament of the Ponting and smashes a tele-vision in the dressing room, when he gets out. When the Indian team gets branded as loudmouths and wins the world cup, it'll be ok with me and I do not think anyone from India will have any issue either. So, power up the volume, absorb in the temperature and allow MCs and BCs flow with full effect!
Me, You and the Cup
If I put my life in perspective regarding what happened about the cricket field every one of these years, I cannot picture my life without that Adelaide, Perth or Johannesburg victories. I will only remember the important events in my own personal life according to the cricket series India have played. I have known no other time-line. Whenever people look the list of holidays in annually, they think about the important things they've to do on days past. They think about going out and produce a policy for their entertainment or celebrate any event. I have no other thought than which match goes to be held that morning and will I be able to watch it.
Going more, I can even say (and it could sound stupid) that I had imagined my potential four years back only till 2nd April, 2011. Even today and I remain true to my words. I don't care what happens on 3rd April! I don't care if I have a future or even the Indian team has a future. I've known no other game than cricket all my life. I have played no other game. I do not have the goose-bumps when Man U clash with Liverpool or Brazil with Argentina in football. I ignore hockey. I'm sick of F-1 being fully a sport. Yes, I actually do have an interest in football, but it is by using regards to only two persons- Nadal and Federer. But cricket? It is opium for me personally! Around pursuing my dream does, cricket gives me a TOP in the exact same way! When Tendulkar and Sehwag go berserk anywhere on the planet I'm incapacitated to perform any work. This pushing Miss Oklahoma's Outstanding Teen | RICKIE | Activity article has uncountable lofty suggestions for how to see about it. I feel a strange amount of loss if I don't get to watch even an Indian loss.
A fascinating truth is, whenever I have betted on India winning, I've lost badly. I win that bet, whenever I bet realistically on cricket. But with India, it is just too a lot of heart involved. So today, I have stopped betting on India so that profit and loss don't come in picture itself, when Indian group is in equation. And it's not only about me anymore. It is about history of Indian cricket the past ten years. A lot more than that, it is in regards to the common man on the road, who regardless of how impossible the situation is, prays for an Indian win. One cricket writer had mentioned, 'How I wish the number of desires get matches compared to number of runs '! Just today morning, when I was having a cup of tea at a tea-stall, the secretary of the stall-owner held arguing with the owner how India is better placed to get the cup given their powerful batting line-up and his belief in the top three. But, the owner was unwilling to recognize after viewing the bowling of Nehra and co cleaning away Tendulkar's century just past Saturday. I'm that it is the Indian team's obligation now, to prove that assistant right, to prove my hope right and to satisfy what the collective consciousness continues to be demanding over the years.
Is it Certainly About Tendulkar?
Therefore, where does all this place the notion of winning the cup for Tendulkar?? Is it only about Tendulkar or is it also about an entire generation, who have recognized no other HERO than Tendulkar? In his book 'All That You Can not Leave Behind', Soumya Bhattacharya writes - 'It strikes me that there's a whole generation of Indian cricket fans who're, say, in their mid- or late-twenties, remember no Indian cricket aside from that dominated by Tendulkar. They'll, once he goes, realize the strangeness of not having him there. They will need to cope with the terrible vacuum. And they'll talk to future generations of what it had been like to have him around.'
I'm among those of an incredible number of supporters who've lived and felt the pain every single time India has failed to get the World cup for Sachin or otherwise (just in case you never know very well what otherwise means, it means for the nation). OK! Allow me to date=june 2011 this right. What does 'winning the world cup for Sachin' mean exactly? If you discard the understanding that patriotism is only about sacrificing your life on the battlefield, maybe, just maybe, there's no greater patriot than Sachin in India. His often-cliched statement after a nervous 90 breakdown goes like this - 'Provided that the team wins, I'm satisfied with my 90s.' (Come on! Who in the world is happy escaping within the 90s?) What does this statement mean? It merely means Tendulkar is both really humble or not human. He desperately wants to cover his international career along with his long cherished desire. Now, what is wrong with that? Also being a Tendulkar die-hard, I do not care if he reaches his landmark of 100 centuries till the final or not! Even if he gets from zero in most innings henceforth and India wins the cup, I'll be more than happy.
The Present Scenario
With that said, I am sick of people criticizing Dhoni and Nehra, for your other day against South Africa. Dhoni is a gambler. Sometimes it pays off and sometimes not. It generally does not mean we have to publicly start a hate-campaign against Nehra. Have faith! They have been our cricketing assets over the years. He's the best job in India recruited through the most cunning process of selection, if he's for the reason that staff of 11. Dig up additional resources on our affiliated article directory - Browse this website: rate us. My gut-feeling says Nehra will come good in the residual matches. He's to!
My head is already walking to the Wankhede on 2nd April with Sachin playing that exquisite cover drive to Brett Lee (many probably!) to log off the mark. Oh! Exactly how many times I must have relished that drive? Still, I can't have enough of it. I'm an optimist and a dreamer! Recently, one of my friends believed to me - You are building castles in the air! My response is - Yes, certainly. I am building castles in the air. If there is time for you to build those, it's now. It is time for you to dream. If at all the dream is not fulfilled on 2nd April or crushed even before that, I will at least have the satisfaction of having supported my team with all my heart till the end. No cynicism or pessimism..only HOPE, the greatest of thoughts, coz' as Andy thought to Red in The Shawshank Redemption, 'Hope is a good thing, maybe the most readily useful of things, and no good thing ever dies '!.

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