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The "Analyze Competitors" Tool This allows you to search a specific website to find keywords that appear on its pages.

I don't find this one to be too useful. The list of terms you get are too high-level, so if you are shooting for high-quality, long-tail keywords, this won’t be a great source. To be fair to mua External link mark, convenve never found a tool that does this competitor site search well. So it could be how the information is structured, or maybe I'm missing a great tool for competitor research. Let me know in the comments, if that is the case.

To summarize, created a perfect tool for keyword research as it is currently done. is simple, exhaustive, and helps you find valuable (and “rankable”) long-tail keywords.

Like I mentioned above, I highly, highly recommend two of the three tools we get as paid subscribers of mua chung via website Those two are so useful that the software on the whole gets a strong recommendation from me.

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