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Instructions on how to Check your computer's IP

Method 1: View IP address with Command Prompt

Another way to determine the IP address in Windows is to use the ipconfig command in the command prompt. We will see the IP address in the IPv4 Address row under the connection name.

Method 2: View the computer IP from the taskbar

To view the IP address of the computer on Windows, open Control Panel and select View network status and tasks, or right-click on the network icon in the taskbar> Open Network and Sharing Center

Click on the Internet connection name to see the connection status. If you want to see the IP address in your private network, click the name of the network in the Connections section of the Private network, if you see the IP address of the machine in the Public network, click the name of the network in the corresponding Connections section. Or you can access And here I choose to view IP in Private network, Public network does the same.

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