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Just lately I was shopping for a new roof bicycle rack, and was surprised at how many alternatives and styles were out there. I had to return two different racks before I found a style that matched my needs and done my auto. While looking for my new roof bike rack, I found several resources that I'll use from now on to assist with all my potential stand needs.

Finding the right bicycle rack to your vehicle can be quite a timely and confusing procedure. It gets complicated attempting to figure out which racks will work on your vehicle. Is it possible to utilize a roof bicycle rack or does one require a trunk-mounted stand? Will you be able to carry multiple bikes at a time or are you limited to only one? Well, you're in luck. While I can't tell you precisely what your stand needs are, I can point you to someone who can: Thule. Whether you are going to end up buying a Thule stand or not, you will find the Thule site ( is a great source for determining what style you need. This web site was quite helpful in helping me choose a brand new roof bike rack, also I highly recommend doing some analysis on this web site before buying anything.

On the Thule site, you'll be able to select what type of stand you're looking for (bike rack, ski rack, foundation stand, etc.). First, you're going to want to choose bicycle rack and then select the freight capacity you are looking for(1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 bikes). This can narrow down the number of stands you must select from. With respect to the number of bikes you choose, your mounting alternatives will transform. For instance, in case you pick three bikes, the only kinds of stands accessible are hitch racks or back stands. If you want a roof bike rack, you may simply decide on a freight capacity of a single bike.

Play around with your alternatives so that you get a great idea of which designs can take different degrees of bikes. When you're ready to begin looking at unique stands, instead of simply the Roof Racks External link mark fashions, it is possible to scroll down the page and find out which Thule stands can be found in the style of your selection. Here you'll see prices and product names. You can get all the specs on each merchandise and even examine them with each other.

When you are able to make a purchasing decision, it is possible to shop around at other websites that might have comparable products, or the same product, for less. If you can't find what you'll need from Thule, you might want to look at Yakima ( as properly. The Yakima site also has an interactive set up, just like Thule's, that aids you figure out which Bike Racks is going to be ideal for you. And, you'll be able to input your precise year, make and model vehicle to ensure the rack you select will function along with your ride.

When maybe not out training for her next half marathon or driving her shore cruiser farther down the shore, Jaime researches and writes about new roof bicycle rack choices and other automotive accessories get more info External link mark.

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