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At extended very last, the gold jubilee 26th Africa Cup of Countries - Ghana 2008 tournament comes and went. Though Ghana could not pick up the golden, she could snatch the bronze medal; institute of african studies legon External link mark along with the united states is patriotically richer than in the past.

But one legacy bequeathed Ghanaians by the competition which need to never be able to desert us as a individuals is definitely the Character of Nationalism. And the 23 young players out from 22 million trainers, who taken the whole country on their own vulnerable shoulder blades and sweated beneath supreme challenges from Jan 20 to Feb 10, 2008, ghana bread External link mark were the twinkle, twinkle Black color Stars of Ghana. The trendy Actors managed the trick with their excellent "soccerlistic" abilities and crowned it because of their "kangaroonistic" acrobatic legs and pinching hands and fingers to stride. It was merely titillating and contagious like winter flu. It failed to require much time well before other African nations around the world, the balme External link mark starting with the almighty Nigeria, started to make photocopies of their copyright belly dancing actions. No piracy right here, remember to! Michael Essien of Ghana is definitely the originator, initiator and inventor of "Kangaroonistic" party in Africa and on the planet of football. Any entire body who wishes to replicated that dancing must get approval from him. Time!

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