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At long last, the golden jubilee 26th Africa Mug of Countries - Ghana 2008 tournament has arrived and gone. Despite the fact that Ghana could not seize the gold, she was able to snatch the bronze medal; ghana theatre External link mark along with the united states is patriotically richer than previously.

Only one legacy bequeathed Ghanaians with the tournament which should never be able to desert us as a folks will be the Soul of Nationalism. Along with the 23 young gamers from 22 mil mentors, who taken the complete land on their delicate shoulder blades and sweated under superior pressures from Jan 20 to February 10, 2008, traffic road signs External link mark were actually the twinkle, twinkle Black colored Celebrities of Ghana. The trendy Stars did the key making use of their fantastic "soccerlistic" skills and crowned it making use of their "kangaroonistic" acrobatic legs and pinching fingertips to stride. It was actually basically titillating and transmittable like flu. It did not take long well before other African nations, road signs test External link mark starting with the almighty Nigeria, began to make photocopies with their copyright laws grooving steps. No piracy here, remember to! Michael Essien of Ghana is the originator, initiator and inventor of "Kangaroonistic" party in Africa and worldwide of football. Any system who wishes to replicate that party have to obtain approval from him. Time period!

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