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How To Clean a Front-Load Sewing Machine

To keep your sewing machine runs smoothly, handle it with care is not enough, you need regular maintenance to keep it in good shape as well.

But what should we clean out of the machines? The answer is lint and thread piece. If you don’t know what lint is, it is the ball of fluff that you usually see on your clothes.

The garments you have can produce lint the same way fabric we use for our project does. While the one you see on the clothes will be removed to keep the outfits look smart, the lint in the machine will end up in the feed dog or somewhere in the machine itself.

If this is enough to convince you to learn to maintain your machine, keep reading to find out more! Check here to find the best basic sewing machine to buy if you don’t have a reliable sewing machine yet.

How To Clean a Front-Load Sewing Machine

What You Need

How To Do The Maintenance

Step 1: Remove the bed of your front-loading sewing machine.

Step 2: Open the door leads to where the bobbin lies.

Step 3: Find the bobbin case spring and pull it to remove the bobbin from the case.

Step 4: With your brush, go around the bobbin case to clean any lint or thread bits that may have accumulated there.

Step 5: Brush the feed dog because this is another place that the bits might get stuck to.

Step 6: Remove the shuttle hook cover’s stops.

Step 7: push the shuttle hook cover out

Step 8: The next part to be removed is the shuttle hook.

Step 9: Clean any lint off the shuttle hook and the cover.

Step 10: Clean the bobbin case housing

Step 11: Brush underneath the feed dog and needle plate. In some cases, even in the best starter sewing machine the needle plate is very hard to reach, even with a brush.

A front load sewing machine

Step 12: Put all the parts back to where they are inside the bobbin case.

Step 13: Drop oil into the bobbin case and turn the handwheel a few times toward you. This will spread the oil out evenly. Thread the machine and sew a few seams to remove ant exceeded oil from the bobbin. The first few stitches will carry the oil out.

Please, note that no sewing machine is created equal so always consult the manual before you do anything. Some models don’t require oiling at all so you want to know about your particular model to avoid damaging it.

Some modern models have so detailed a manual that you may not need to look up anywhere else to maintain your machine. If you are interested in the best sewing machine for beginners, visit link for more comprehensive sewing machine reviews.


-- Chris Brown - 2020-08-06


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