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A long time ago somebody gave me excellent guidance. They mentioned, "Look-Back rather than ahead when you need to see that which you have accomplished. If you wish to understand change your life, it can not be because you're looking ahead and feeling like some thing is lacking. Midlife is a critical time in a woman's life. It is an possibility to say, "I have come a ways. and give your-self a pat on the back - wherever you may be." The mere fact that you need to discover ways to change your own life, means you are prepared for some thing new. It doesn't matter where you're, you are here to day to tell it, and that is a victory.

It is hard to measure advancement when you are constantly looking at how far you still have to go Accommodate the spiritual truth that 'there is nowhere to get to and youwill never get it done.' I have found that to be one of the strongest messages of my entire life.

Many people spend so much time emphasizing what we don't yet have that we don't appreciate all that we do. Midlife is a fantastic chance to reflect on all the Great that is in our lives also to see which of the points we want to keep and which we need to release. This could be people, beliefs or things.

Focus on your assets and abilities and really not what it is you're calling your faults.

I used to believe I must be useful at everything and berated myself for the issues I did not do nicely. One Midlife message I give myself continually is - if you don't like it, do not do it - find someone who does and hire them.

The principle that "What we concentrate on increases" applies especially to our emphasis about what is not up to our criteria in our very own character. I never satisfied anyone who altered by being corrected. Praising good conduct yields more good conduct. It's authentic with kids. It's much more true with ourselves. So you have to know all around change your life External link mark.

Create a scrapbook of your life - and write everything you appreciate about each year which has passed.

A couple of years ago, I did a yearlong workshop where one of the assignments was to make a publication of our lives. We were asked to set at least one image for each yr, and where we did not have real images, to place something from a magazine that depicted who we were at that point. Subsequently, we were advised to listing the individuals who had been part of our lives and most of the events that took place that we now considered critical.

I went entirely out with this task - producing a scrapbook full of stickers and stencils and magnificently colored papers. I never thought of myself as an artist, but this book is something I will treasure as much as any work of art.

I called in family to help

I shared parts of my existence that I'd never shared

I found things about myself and about my beliefs.

Make a choice about what you desire to throw away and what you need to keep.

Years ago, when I was moving from California to Florida, a close friend shared some guidance that allowed me to let go and move ahead. With each thing I wished to pack she had ask, "Is this who you are today?" And, if my reply was no, we either dropped it or gave it away. That goes for individuals and locations along with for things. When we let go of what no longer serves us, we make room for the new Learn More External link mark.

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