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It's 1 in the morning; you're alone in your room, headphones on and the only light on is the reflection of your monitor. On the screen, a complete universe of adventures, missions, and challenges to be fulfilled. On the other side of the screen are your friends, acquaintances or only more lovers of video games that meet night after night in the same room fighting for the same goal: the perfect score.


You advance slowly reclining on a wall, crouched down, so as not to be seen by the enemies that are concentrated behind a barricade. From one moment to the next, you can see that one of them looks out of a corner and manages to hit him without him or his teammates noticing. How did you do it? Of course, your gamer skills influenced at that time, but the response time of 1mili second and Free Sync technology helped you to have more fluid and faster movements.

The same thing happens to you on the next level, when within the shadows a two-headed monster comes up at high speed. Usually, you would not have seen it, but thanks to the Black Stabilizer, you can more easily detect the figures that are inside the darkest parts of the screen. You can also change the game mode, and with a refresh rate of 75HZ and 144HZ on the 34 "monitor, you will have fluid movements.

With the LG Gaming Monitors, you will always play with one element in favor: softer movements within each level. Also if you have an UltraWide Monitor with IPS screen, you will enjoy much more vivid colors.browse this site External link mark

-- Beverley Jamison - 2019-08-10


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