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The usefulness of the remote keyboard It is in fact a kind of remote control system which makes it possible to arm, disarm an alarm control unit and if necessary to alert voluntarily thanks to the use of a "panic button". Some alarm control panel models, especially "blind" control panels, do not have a control device on their housing. These types of alarm units are then equipped with a remote keypad to manage the security system. For alarm units with integrated keypad, the remote keypad becomes an extension that acts as a remote control. The blind alarm unit can be hidden in a cellar or attic and is thus protected against sabotage or vandalism. Great advantage: the burglar will never have the time to access the plant to put it out of order. The remote keypad, accessible by means of a code, controls the remote control unit.

The specific features of the remote keyboard Wired or wireless, with or without screen, the remote keyboard is generally installed outside the home. Some alarm models have the ability to support multiple rf remote keyboards at once. This functionality then makes it possible to install a keyboard on several accesses to the house. In addition to the triggering by the alarm system, the remote keypad also has its own security system. An alarm is triggered after 5 erroneous codes have been entered, the keypad self-protection device can detect an attempt to tear off or sabotage. As a general rule, the range is about 100 metres between a keyboard and its control unit. The keyboard is also powered by batteries that last longer than 1 year.

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