Daya Bay and Ling Ao Power Plants


The Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) is situated on the southwest and the LingAo NPP to the northeast near the coastline. Both Daya Bay and LingAo NPPs each have two reactor cores which are separated by 88 m from each other. The separation of the centers of the two NPPs is about 1100 m. The thermal power of each core is 2.9 GW. Hence the existing total available thermal power for the experiment is 11.6 GW. A third NPP, called LingAo-II NPP, will be built roughly along the line extended from Daya Bay to LingAo, about 400 m northeast of LingAo. There will be two cores with thermal power 2.9 GW each. Ling Ao II is sheduled to generate power in 2010. So when in full operation, the Daya Bay - LingAo - LingAo-II NPP complex can provide a total thermal power of 17.4 GW.

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